Monday, December 28, 2009


To achieve high volume that lasts, there's 2 easy steps:

1. Product
2. Styling

1. My favorite products for volume are Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam & Root Lifter. Begin with towel dried hair. Spray the Root Lifter on the 3 inches of hair closest to the scalp in your crown area. Then take a generous handful--like a baseball size--of Sculpting Foam (also known as "Mousse") and run it through your hair scalp to ends. Evenly coating your hair with mousse will give it memory and hold to last throughout the day.

Things you may not know about Mousse:
*Adds volume to straight hair (It's not just for curly hair!)
*Acts as a barrier to protect your hair from heat
*Provides long-lasting memory (helps hair stays in place all day!)
*Controls static

and Root Lifter:
*Provides a thin coating of light waxy substance to the hair
*Adds texture (a little roughness) to soft silky hair
*Allows you to get volume with minimal teasing

1. The second step is styling. After you've put product in your damp hair, it's time to blow-dry. Blow drying the hair properly will give it more life & manageability than letting hair air dry. And on top of that, using a Round Brush will give you more body than any other tool.
Tips for Round Brushing:
*Use the biggest round brush you can handle for your length of hair
*Dry the hair 75% before you start so your arm doesn't fall off :)
*Clip your hair in layers, starting at the neck & working up
*Imagine that you are rolling your hair in rollers,
work in clean sections
*The last step in each section: roll it around the brush and let it cool for 30 seconds to set the hair before removing the brush. This will make the curve last.

And if you're not up for Round Brushing your whole head, just do the top section working around the crown. You'll be amazed how much more lift you can get by setting the hair with a round brush.

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